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Early Interactions between South and Southeast Asia:
Reflections on Cross-cultural Exchange
Editors: Pierre-Yves Manguin, A. Mani and Geoff Wade


Foreword by K. Kesavapany 

Preface by Pierre-Yves Manguin, A. Mani and Geoff Wade

Pierre-Yves Manguin
I. New Archaeological Evidence from South Asia and Southeast Asia
1. Central Vietnam during the Period from 500 BCE to CE 500
- Lam Thi My Dzung
2. Ban Don Ta Phet and Khao Sam Kaeo: The Earliest Indian Contacts Re-assessed
- Ian C. Glover and Bérénice Bellina
3. Preliminary Study of Indian and Indian Style Wares from Khao Sam Kaeo (Chumphon, Peninsular Thailand), Fourth-Second Centuries BCE
- Phaedra Bouvet
4. Early Contacts between India and the Andaman Coast in Thailand from the Second Century BCE to Eleventh Century CE
- Boonyarit Chaisuwan
5. The Batujaya Site: New Evidence of Early Indian Influence in West Java
- Pierre-Yves Manguin and Agustijanto Indradjaja
6. Continuity and Change in South Indian Involvement in Northern Sumatra: The Inferences of Archaeological Evidence from Kota Cina and Lamreh
- E. Edwards McKinnon
7. South Asia and the Tapanuli Area (North-West Sumatra): Ninth-Fourteenth Centuries CE
- Daniel Perret and Heddy Surachman
8. Emergence of Early Historic Trade in Peninsular India
- K. Rajan
9. Contacts between India and Southeast Asia in Ceramic and Boat Building Traditions
- V. Selvakumar
10. Marine Archaeological Investigations along the Tamil Nadu Coast and its Implications for Understanding the Cultural Expansion to Southeast Asian Countries
- Sundaresh and A.S. Gaur

II. Localisation in Southeast Asia
11. Tamil Merchants and the Hindu-Buddhist Diaspora in Early Southeast Asia
- John Guy
12. The Spread of Sanskrit in Southeast Asia
- Johannes Bronkhorst
13. The Early Inscriptions of Indonesia and the Problem of the Sanskrit Cosmopolis
- Daud Ali
14. Indian Architecture in the ‘Sanskrit Cosmopolis’: The Temples of the Dieng Plateau
- Julie Romain
15. The Importance of Gupta-period Sculpture in Southeast Asian Art History
- Robert L. Brown
16. Individuals under the Glaze: Local Transformations of Indianisation in the Decorative Lintels of Angkor
- Martin Polkinghorne
17. Early Musical Exchange between India and Southeast Asia
- Arsenio Nicolas
18. Buddhism and the Circulation of Ritual in Early Peninsular Southeast Asia
- Peter Skilling
19. Early Buddhism in Myanmar: Ye Dhammā Inscriptions from Arakan
- Kyaw Minn Htin
20. Hindu Deities in Southern Vietnam: Images on Small Archaeological Artefacts
- Le Thi Lien
21. ‘The Depositing of the Embryo’ – Temple Consecration Rituals in the Hindu Tradition of South and Southeast Asia: A Study of the Textual and Archaeological Evidence
- Anna A. Ślączka
22. Localisation of Indian Influences as Reflected in the Laotian Versions of the Ramayana
- Sachchidanand Sahai
23. Broken Threads: Contested Histories of Brahminism in Cambodia and Thailand and the Construction of Ritual Authority
- Boreth Ly
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